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Set of 3 crochet makeup remover disc

Handmade, reusable and washable cotton makeup remover pads


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Set of 3 makeup removal pads: practical, antibacterial and gentle on the skin!

They are handmade by Laly Flores, a brand from Nivaria Canarias.

Extremely soft, comfortable and reusable. In fact, they are an excellent eco-friendly makeup remover solution that replaces the classic disposable cotton pads.

You can use them to remove makeup or face masks or just to wash your face. In addition, its use works great as a gentle scrubber, suitable even for the most sensitive skin.


  • practical and durable;
  • antibacterial and delicate, even for the most sensitive skin;
  • reusable: they replace the classic disposable discs;
  • respectful with the environment: they are free of plastic and zero waste;
  • hand made;
  • Washable by hand and also in the washing machine.

Dimensions: about 8 cm in diameter

100% Cotton

They can be used dry with tonic or cleansing milk or wet with solid soap.

They are also perfect for quickly removing face masks.

Use them alongside your favorite product and when you’re done, rinse them off right away (especially if you’re using them to remove dark or waterproof makeup) with warm water and mild soap. Let them dry and reuse them!

Alternatively, you can easily wash them in the washing machine along with your clothes, at low temperatures and without using fabric softener.

To remove stubborn makeup stains, we recommend washing them with a mild soap and letting them soak.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 cm


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