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“Blanco Jonay” TOOTHPASTE

A natural cream toothpaste for a feeling of freshness and long-lasting protection


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The components of the “Blanco Jonay” cream toothpaste are exclusively natural!

Calcium carbonate and white clay are strong natural abrasives. Organic aloe vera gel and propolis, naturally processed on La Gomera, also add an antibacterial quality. Sodium bicarbonate, also present, helps prevent the formation of plaque, while antiseptic organic mint and sage leave the mouth feeling fresh and protected.

A toothpaste that works gently but deeply. In fact, it is also ideal for sensitive teeth and helps protect inflamed gums.

WITHOUT fluorine, parabens, surfactants (foaming agents) and microplastics.

Quantity: 125 ml

The glass container can be reused and creatively transformed, think about it before sending it for recycling!

Try to improve your daily behavior, reduce waste and give your cosmetic containers a second chance and you will avoid them ending up in the trash.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, Glycerin*, Aqua, Kaolin, Xilitol, Aloe barbadensis*, Propolis cera*, Alcohol*, Xanthan gum, Sodium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate, Mentol*, Mentona*

*Ingredients of natural origin

Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring chalk present in calcareous rocks. It is used in cosmetics and toothpaste. Thanks to its abrasive capacity it is an optimal antiplaque agent.

Vegetable Glycerin: Glycerin is an odorless viscous liquid with a sweet flavor. It can be extracted from diverse plants and is used in cosmetics for its hydrating and lubricating properties.

White Clay (Kaolinite): Kaolinite is a white clay used in toothpaste as a remineralizer and abrasive.

Xylitol: Xylitol is a sweetener rich in vitamins and minerals, extracted from certain plants such as birch trees. Used in toothpaste to prevent plaque, reduce the formation of noxious bacteria, and facilitate the remineralization of small lesions.

Aloe Vera: has anti-inflammatory action. Helps prevent canker sores, infections, it is a natural remedy to soothe inflamed gums.

Propolis Cera: The smell of propolis is highly aromatic and it is a powerful antiseptic, natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, immunovascular stimulant, antiviral, and vaso-protector that heals and regenerates. In cosmetics is employed as an antioxidant, deodorant, and as a natural preservative thanks to its antibacterial and fungicidal capacity.

Alcohol: It is typical to see the use of alcohol in cosmetics in a negative light, but it is in fact present in almost all commonly used products. Alcohol in cosmetics naturally conserves the product, eliminates bad smells, and permits the dissolution of the active ingredients of certain plants, otherwise impossible with water and oil. In this product, alcohol represents only part of the propolis tincture.

Sodium Chloride: Salt, as sodium chloride is commonly called, is present in seawater. In cosmetics it is used as an ingredient in toothpaste for its antibacterial properties and to combat halitosis.

Mentol: It is a derivative of the essence of mint and is characterized by its pleasant and fresh aroma. Known for its refreshing, antiseptic, painkilling, and disinfectant properties, it helps reduce irritations and itches.

Spread a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, gently brush the teeth with rotating movements and finally rinse with water. Being a natural toothpaste, free of surfactants (foaming agents), it does not foam much, but this does not compromise its effectiveness, far from it.

“Blanco Jonay” is not contained in a tube, but in a convenient glass container with a dispenser that allows you to avoid the waste of plastic containers. In fact, once the toothpaste is finished, you can buy the replacement and, by cleaning the pump well with hot water to remove any residue, you can reuse it in the new replacement.

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